Different Types Of Microblading & Microblading Vs Nano Brows – Eye Brows Permanent Makeup

The battle of the bro pens is here so I’ve been spending the last few months trialing and testing out ten different eyebrow pens bro pens are my preferred method of filling in my brows I think if you like a really crisp sharp defined yet also like fluffy editorial brow and you don’t naturally have very much hair or naturally fluffy brows microshading vs microblading, they’re definitely the way to go, there is a vast chasm in the difference in quality between bro pens and also in the difference in price between buy pens, so I wanted to order a whole bunch of them, give them a try and report back to you and let you know which ones are actually good and which ones are pretty because eyebrow microblading.Some of them are awesome and some of these are so bad, I’m actually angry at the brands for daring to sell them now, unfortunately it’s kind of bad timing I had my brows micro bladed like tattooed, only two months ago so my eyebrows I don’t I don’t get the same like before and after so I’m gonna be swatching these products in my browser, you can actually see what they look like on my face and also on my arm so you can kind of see exactly how crisp and clean the stroke is and how opaque the product is and at the end of the video I will be ranking them from ten to one so make sure you stay tuned for that I don’t know what that noise was alright, there’s going to be a long one, so let’s just get straight into it, so I’m going to show you these in the order from least opaque and kind of a softest to the most intense and darkest, so the first one I’m going to talk about is the santa newborn lasting w bro X so this is made in Japan there you go, it’s Japanese one this one I got on yes Thailand yesterday there’s a funny website in that they often have sales.Son and I can’t really figure it out so according to yes style, this has a regular price of forty three twenty five Australian dollars but at the moment they have it at 65% off and it’s sixteen dollars and 78 I highly doubt that this product is ever sold for forty three twenty five and if it is don’t buy it because it is not worth that so this one has got a powder on one side and the pen on the other I would say it’s about a 30% opacity, so it’s quite sheer and gives a very soft effect, you don’t really get that micro bladed effect with this I’m using the shade zero one which is gray brown and it’s very very soft and very sheer and it’s not really adding any darkness to my brows, but just bulking them up a little bit, so if you want something very natural, very soft where you don’t really see strokes, this could be a good option but that’s not really why I like to use bro pens, but for something really soft and everyday, it’s a good one, next up is. The urban decay brow blade, now this one is actually 42 Australian dollars, so this is actually the price that this claims to be that is just it’s just crazy, it’s so expensive, it is the most expensive one of all the ones I have here but it does come with a pencil on the other side I don’t know I feel like it’s it’s still outrageously expensive, but the fact that it has the pencil does make it a little bit more reasonable in comparison to this that just has the powder I don’t know it’s I don’t know how my mind is doing these mental gymnastics to justify this it’s still crazy expensive, this again is quite sheer a little bit more opaque than the last one I would say it’s about 35% opacity, the pen has got a really good flow, so the ink flows out of it very well, the bristles are really pointed really tapered so you do get a little bit more of a stroke effect than with the first one but it still is super duper soft, this shade is brown sugar and I would say it’s it’s a medium brown, um, it’s probably pretty close.My natural brow color, um, maybe a hint warm a little there’s a hint of ginger off of it, so if you don’t like warmth in your brows at all that’s not the colour to go for next up is the maybelline tattoo brow micro pen tint, and this is actually a phone tipped applicator and it’s got four little teeth, four little prongs, so the idea is that you just draw it on once and you get four strokes, this is pretty rubbish to be honest, the foam itself is quite firm and quite hard, it’s not flexible, so it doesn’t really conform to the shape of your brow bone I personally don’t like the fact that there are four strokes because you can’t be precise I like I much prefer having one single stroke that I can draw exactly where I want it, this is just a little bit more difficult to control and the fact that it’s foam means that the strokes are chunky or the flow of product, the flow of ink is not great, and it actually has a tendency to dry in to a bit of a green collar a bit of a green tint and the pen itself does not last very long it dries up pretty.Quickly so overall not a great product and even though it’s maybelline it’s still not one of the cheapest ones on the list, this is twenty two ninety five Australian dollars and it is 100% not worth that next up is the Tony moly’s seven day eyebrow tattoo and this I would say is about a 60% opacity, so this is the most medium opacity one it’s a really nice balance between being kind of sheer enough that it’s easy to control and you’re not left with really strong strokes on your brows and also defined enough that you, do actually get that sharp crisp stroke that really looks like an actual hair, so I really really enjoyed using this one and this one is only eleven about eleven dollars fifty Australian dollars and again I ordered this from yes, I’ll and um, this is probably the one that I have been reaching for at the most I think the color in particular suits me quite well and it’s just really easy to use the brush tip is really fine and pointed the product flows.Very smoothly, you don’t get any skipping or dragging it’s just a really great bro, Penn and personally one of my favorites in here, next up is the Mac shape and shade brow tint, and this is another one that has powder on one end and a pen on the other I would say most of the time when I use this I don’t bother using the powder, but the powder can be good if you want to add more bulk to the brow and you want to just add extra definition, if you use a pen by itself, the strokes will kind of stand out more on your skin and will probably look a little bit stripe easier if you use the powder underneath that it just kind of softens the look of the stroke so it really depends what you’re going for I really thought I would hate the powder, the first time I use this the first time I tried it but actually I quite like it and it’s much easier to control than I thought it would be the brush on this is um, one of the longer ones, so the bristles are longer and, I find that that actually gives you more control over the strokes and how you draw the strokes, it gives you kind of finer straighter strokes as well.This is about the same opacity as the Tony moly one may be slightly darker in color, I’ve got spiked, which to be honest is too dark for me I wish I’d gone for one of the lighter shades, maybe tope this is 38 dollars so this is one of the more expensive I think this is the second most expensive one, but I do really like it and it lasts really well on the skin, it doesn’t, it doesn’t change colors as it dries, it doesn’t stain the skin but it stays on again the flow is really good, the product just applies very easily without any skipping or dragging and it’s just all around a really good one next up is the berry some brow tattoo pen, it just depends, but it doesn’t have a pencil or a powder or anything on it, and this reminds me that most of the Mac shape and shade, it’s got a really similar brush length and kind of thickness of brush and the ink itself, like the product itself applies in a really similar way, this particular one I’m not sure of the color but I’ll have it on the screen is very similar to spiked the Mac pencil that I use.This is fifteen dollars 35 so significantly cheaper than the Mac one, so if Mac is out of your price range and you don’t really care about the powder that could be a really good one to try, so next up is the mcqueen new York, my cowl fit tint brow in deep I have no idea, I’ve put into that correctly I would say this is about a 70% opaque, so we’re getting quite dark, and this is a foam applicator with a three little spikes again the same as with the maybelline one not my favorite just because, I find them more difficult to use, they’re not as a fan, they don’t give I don’t think they give as convincing a stroke and just the fact that you’ve got three strokes equity ston’s apart from each other, the whole way through the bright, it just looks so natural, you just don’t get the same kind of organic messiness that your brows naturally would have its two stripe e so not really a huge fan of that next up we have the steel a stay all day waterproof brow pen, and if. You watch my channel for any length of time you know that I have used this product for quite a while, in fact I have I have three of them so obviously I have repurchased this one quite a few times the brush on this one is quite short, and that in turn gives you thicker strokes, the strokes aren’t as fine so they do look a little striper and a little chunky or this is about an 80% opacity, so this is one of the more opaque ones it’s quite a strong color payoff, this is the shade, dark, um, and it is just a dark brown again, it has good flow, the product comes out nice and evenly, and it is pretty easy to control, and once you brush it out after you’ve applied it you kind of apply it, let it dry for a few seconds and then just brush it out, muff softens and strokes, it looks really really natural, and I can tell you because I have actually used this for quite a while the pen itself does last for quite a long time, next up is the idle stroke brio feathering pen, this one is sixteen Australian dollars and it’s got a really really long.Rush, so can give you very fine strokes, this I would say is about 90% opaque, so honestly it’s more like an eyeliner than an eyebrow pen, but that could be down to the color that I gosh I’m using dark brown, so again it’s probably just too dark for me I’m not sure if the lighter colors come out as opaque the major problem I have with this is the actual link itself, like the product itself is thick and a little bit sticky and so that causes it to drag and skip and you get gaps in the strokes and the strokes, just look a little bit on even and as you’re applying it, the product starts to dry up so it’s really dark where you started, and then as you move through your brows, it gets lighter and lighter and lighter and it just your brows and looking really patchy it’s really difficult to get the product flowing again and I store all of my eyebrow pens a tip down so that the product is always kind of in the tip and it still doesn’t it doesn’t help so I just don’t think it’s particularly great product to be honest and then last but not least, we’ve got the revolution microbes.Pen in dark brown, this is about nine dollars Australian so I think it’s the cheapest one and oh dear god revolution, what the hell were you thinking, so it’s a foam tipped applicator again and it’s got this weird like claw shape, it is it is it is literally a sharpie, it’s just a black sharpie, I’ll be honest all the rest of them I have tried and used a number of times this one I just watched on the back of my hand as soon as it arrived and went nope never using that because it’s just too chunky and dark it’s disgusting, it’s absolutely disgusting, but what I was not prepared for was when I went to try and take it off it stained my skin pink, so underneath this makeup I have got pink eyebrows, thank you revolution, thoughts really great and I wasn’t even wearing it for that long I was wearing it for four minutes imagine if you wore it all day, and it started to wear off, you would just be left with bright red eyebrows that should not be taken off the market.Anyway, yeah so probably would avoid that one in reverse order, starting with my least favorite to my most favorite of those ten we have got at number ten no prizes for guessing the revolution micro bro pen, this is just disgusting do not buy I want to write an angry letter to revolution and tell them what a terrible product that is next we’ve got the maybelline tattoo brow micro pen tint again just not a great product, not half as bad as a revolution one but just not great, and there are many, many better ones out there at number seven I have the ardelle stroke eyebrow feathering brow feathering fen at number six the santa newborn lasting w bro X at number five steel a stay all day waterproof brow pen, and then honestly the top four it was quite difficult to place the top four but at number four I’ve got the berry some bro tattoo pen in dark brown at number three the urban decay brow blade at number two the Mac shape and shade and at number one.The Tony moly seven day brow tattoo I think it’s just the perfect brow product for me personally it just suits my coloring it suits what I want my bro Penn to do and it’s really easy on the pocket to eleven dollars fifty there their boats, so I really hope you enjoyed that video, this was an absolute nightmare to film, so I hope you appreciate the effort and the time it took obviously this is all my own opinion and some you know some people would prefer their brow pens to be more opaque and darker and more intense and some people will prefer them to be more kind of lottery and softer so it really depends what you’re after, but there are definitely some to avoid in that list but then which one you go for is just going to depend what you’re looking for in your brow pen, so I hope that helps you on your purchasing decisions.