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2021 Uniform Mechanical Code Review


NMCID Course #2022-552
Expires May 18, 2025
This course covers the required 8 hours code section to renew your JPG, JG, JR, JPF, or JSM license. It can also serve as the elective 8 hours of approved content for renewal of your JP or JS license.

The course is delivered in an easy video format that you can take at your own pace, on your schedule.


Product Description

NMCID Course #2022-552 Expires May 18, 2025

This course functions best using the Google Chrome browser. The course goes through chapters 1-10 of the 2021 Uniform Mechanical Code.

The course is broken down into 8 different components:

  • Registration Form (answers from this section will be used in quizzes later on in the course)
  • 6  Timed Lessons on the 2015 UMC (broken into smaller 20 minute segments)
  • Course Completion Form (lets us know you’re done, and are ready to receive your certificate)


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