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ICC G12 Test Preparation (2018 Codes)


This online course helps prepare for the following exams based on the 2018 ICC references:

G12 National Standard Building Contractor

2018 IBC, and IRC are needed for the class.

It will also be helpful in preparing for other ICC exams:

G11 National Standard General Building Contractor (A)
G12 National Standard Building Contractor
G13 National Standard Residential Building Contractor
G14 National Standard Roofing Contractor


Product Description

ICC Contractor G12 Test Prep

This online course is designed to help you prepare for the ICC National Contractor Exam. This exam is used in many municipalities across the country.

The course features video instruction, as well as a testing component on the knowledge you have learned.

This course will help you prepare for many jurisdiction’s exams including:

Colorado:   Arvada, Aurora, Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo, Grand Junction
Johnson County,  Sedgwick County, Shawnee County
Wyoming:    Cheyenne, Casper

To download a copy of the Candidate Information Bulletin for the ICC Test CLICK HERE

You can schedule your ICC Exam HERE



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