Electrical Online Course

Oklahoma Electrical Code and Calculations


Course 11704-E
(6 credit hours)

This course covers Articles 90 – Chapter 5 of the 2014 NEC in an easy video based format.

  • Video One (40 min) Intro, Table of Contents, and Articles 90-100 of the 2014 NEC
  • Video Two (44 min) Articles 110 thru 215 of the 2014 NEC
  • Video Three (90 min) Articles 220 thru 230 of the 2014 NEC and standard and optional calcs
  • Video Four (33 min) Articles 240 thru 300 of the 2014 NEC
  • Video Five (72 min) Articles 310 thru 398 of the 2014 NEC including conductor ampacity calc
  • Video Six (84 min) Articles 430 thru 460 of the 2014 NEC including motor calcs
  • Video Eight (19 min) Chapter 5 of the 2014 NEC

Product Description

Oklahoma Electrical CE Rules:

  • (1) No contractor or journeyman license shall be renewed unless the licensee has
    completed at least six (6) hours of continuing education (CE) every three (3) years or thirty-six (36) months preceding the license expiration date.  The continuing education material shall cover codes and revisions adopted by the OUBCC and/or other trade related subject matters appropriate for topics of continuing education for licensees and approved by the Committee including: examination materials, manufacturers’ installation of equipment or parts, the licensing Act, the trade regulations as set forth in this Chapter as well as the rules of the Construction Industries Board in OAC 158:10, and other trade or safety related subject matters approved by the Committee.
  • Except as provided herein this Section shall apply to every journeyman or
    contractor licensed by the Construction Industries Board.
  • A licensee is exempt from the educational requirements of this Section for three (3) years from the date he or she passed their current licensing exam.