Texas HVAC/R CE Course

Texas HVAC/R CE Course #12


Texas HVAC/R CE Course #12

TDLR Course #21270 

This course covers everything you need to renew your Texas HVAC/R license including:

  • Becoming an Entrepreneur
  • Employee Management and Safety
  • Scheduling
  • Contract Management
  • Managing Risk
  • Everything you need for your Texas HVAC/R CE course renewal.

Product Description

Texas HVAC/R CE Course #12

TDLR Course #21270

Everything you need to renew your Texas HVAC/R license in an entertaining, easy to follow video format. In this session you will learn about a number of different topics that will directly relate to your HVAC/R business.

Video One (77 min) 1.5 credit hours TEXAS LAWS AND RULES

Administrative Rules of the TDLR 16 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 75

  • 10 Definitions
  • 20 Application and Experience Requirements
  • 22 Contractor Licensing General
  • 28 Registered Technician
  • 40 Contractor Insurance Requirements
  • 70 Responsibility of the Contractor/Licensee
  • 100 Technical Requirements

Chapter 1302

  • 002 Definitions
  •  B Exemptions
  •  C Powers and Duties
  •  F Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors
  •  G Municipal Licensing and Regulation

The following videos are based upon NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project Management Basic, 11th Edition:

Video Two – Becoming an Entrepreneur (23 min) .46 credit hours

  • Being an Entrepreneur
  • The Benefits of a Business Plan
  • The Elements of a Business Plan
  • Business Plan Pitfalls

Video Three – Employee Management and Safety Part 1 (73 min) 1.46 credit hours

  • Interviewing and Hiring Employees
  • Employee Documentation
  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Immigration and Nationality Act

Video Four – Employee Management and Safety (68 min) 1.36 credit hours

  • ADA
  • Safe Hiring and Training
  • OSHA Recordkeeping
  • OSHA Decision Tree
  • Benefits of Providing a Safe Workplace

Video Five – Scheduling (50 min) 1 Credit Hour

  • Scheduling Process
  • Methods
  • Cash Management
  • Project Life Cycle

Video Six – Contract Management (41 min) .82 credit hours

  • Required Contract Elements
  • Contract Provisions
  • Contracting Methods
  • Subcontracting

Video Seven – Managing Risk (71 min) 1.4 credit hours

  • Risk Management Benefits
  • Insurance
  • Key Man Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Everything you need for your Texas HVAC/R CE course renewal.

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